Paintball Wounds

Wear a sweatshirt or jacket to play paintball!

Wear a sweatshirt or jacket to play paintball!

I was at the Westana company party on Saturday, and every year we have paintball wars. This year was no different, except that I was slightly under dressed to play paintball. Typically I will wear a heavier clothing to prevent the type of injuries seen here. Alas, it is way too much fun regardless of the pelting you take so you suck it up and go for it. It was a riot as usual. So let this be a lesson to you, wear a sweatshirt.


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One Response to Paintball Wounds

  1. drama88 says:

    im a d4 paintballer and i would say if you dont like the pain wear a sweatshirt. But you dont get the motion u really need. When i play i wear a L or XL shirt. im actually a medium/small but the bigger shirt will allow the paintball not break depeneding on the paint. So if you wanna stay in longer then wear lose fitting shirt!

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